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What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a safe way to clean clothes without using water. The cleaning process uses non-aqueous chemicals to safely clean garments of dirt and odors without risking any damage to delicate materials.


What types of clothes should be dry cleaned?

Any items made of natural fibers (e.g. silk, wool, etc.) are best cared for through dry cleaning. These natural fibers can react adversely when exposed to water - the natural fibers become rigid, causing the fabric to shrink, distort, and lose their color. Dry Cleaning keeps delicate items soft in texture and vibrant in color.


What’s the difference between “Dry Cleaning” and “Launder & Press”?

Dry Cleaning is the use of non-water based solvents to clean clothing.  Clothes that emerge from the dry cleaning process dry, and then undergo machine or hand pressing. Launder & Press differs from Dry Cleaning in that the washing process uses a commercial-grade washing machine that uses water and detergent to clean.  All garments emerge from the washing machine damp, and then are individual dried and pressed.


Can you safely clean items with sequins or ornaments?

Yes, but there are some inherent risks to the attached sequins and ornaments due to the mechanical action of the cleaning process. We take full precaution to protect all sequined or ornamented garments, including turning them inside out and putting them in protective foil so they don’t tangle with other garments.


What is starch?

Starch is something that can be added to the cleaning process for cotton dress shirts to give them a crisper look and feel. The starch binds to the fibers and helps them keep their shape better through wear. The more starch that is applied, the crisper the hold will be.


Should I attempt stain removal at home?

Home remedies can place your garment at risk for effective stain removal and for fabric damage. So bring them to us! Our knowledgeable cleaners will remove the stain while keeping the type of material, colorfastness and the cause of the stain in mind in order to gently yet effectively remove the imperfection.




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